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What's your size?

If you live on Planet Earth most likely this post finds you home, in self isolation.  You have relaxed, rested, watched stuff on Netflix, and now getting restless? That's because we humans need projects to feel happy.

You remember "THAT THING" that you were going to do "WHEN YOU HAD SOME FREE TIME"?   I am here to tell you, that time is NOW!

You are a dancer, a pole dancer, a gymnast, a dance teacher, student, professional, a yogi or all of the above... you dream about all the awesome dance outfit you will wear and hopefully one day make yourself.  

Only you don't know (yet) how. 

That is why I am here to help you, I will show you step by step the "how to-s". You bring your creative imagination to the table I teach you how to make them reality. 

Lets start. 

What's your size?  How do you know what's your true size?

Fashion companies have their own sizings (for reasons we are not going into now), you can be a size small at one brand and a size medium or even large at another. 

So how do you know what is your true size?  You measure yourself, of course. There are important and essential measurements when it comes to determine your size for swimsuits, underwear and workout clothes.  (We are not going to explore streatwear here) .

What you will need is a tape measure ($1 in speciality stores or dollar store or you can borrow from your Mom).  It's best if you have someone to measure you while you stand straight so the measurements are not skewed. However, if you are alone you can do it too. 

Step One: take your measurements and write them down. (see 1st illustration)

Step Two: Compare your numbers to the size chart of the pattern or clothing brand. (see 2nd illustration)

When the number is in between sizes go up if you like looser fit and down if you like tighter fit.  

Voilà! You know your size now and ready to get to the next step. 

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photo credit Steward Noah

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