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I am in between...ugh...6 sizes?

Last week blog post was all about giving you helpful tips on how to measure your body to determine your size when choosing your pattern.

If you are like me, chances are that you will not fit the mold.  You will find that your are one size upper body, another size booty and might be even a different size waist.  I get your pain girl.  I am a US Size 14 busty lady and a US Size 6 booty shaker.

After you found out that you live in a lovely but "non-conform" body when you want to make separate pieces, like shorts and tops, no problem,  you can  pick different size pattern for each.  Easy peasy.  To stay with my example I would get a top US Size 14, and US Size 6 shorts. Done.

But what do you do when you are making a leotard or a jumpsuit?  How do you choose your pattern?

You can't choose just one size. Why? Because you will need to adjust your pattern to fit your body shape.  You will be combining the different sizes of the top and the bottom and redraft the pattern with the alteration.

This fact explains why our bottom are sold as separate sizes but our leotards  are sold as multi sized patterns.   We also sell our sportsbras patterns as multi sized pattern because the cup size factor often requires pattern adjustment as well. 

Pattern adjusting involves some knowledge, patience and definitely the passion to create your own pole wear.  But it is so worth the invested time and energy.   A made to fit outfit is a joy to wear. Would you agree?

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